Win a Championship, Win a Cake

15 Mar

Ever since freshman year I’ve worked out a simple deal with the UF Track Team – ‘Win a Championship, Win a Cake’. The first I ever made was  for indoor season in 2010 when I rewarded the women’s team on their SEC Championship win. The meet happened to occur right at the time I was taking a cake decorating class at Michaels so I was trying hard to incorporate all the butter-cream skills I was learning.

Fast forward two years later and the women’s team once again won the SEC Indoor Championship in 2012. As promised, I delivered a replica of the blue track at the University of Florida in cake form with the words “We’re in the Building” streaking across the 100 meter home stretch. The significance of this phrase comes from Head Coach Mike Holloway when he was asked at the beginning of the SEC meet in Arkansas “Do you think the women’s team has a chance at winning?”. Holloway confidently replied “Are we in the building?”.  After three full days of events, the lady gators were in the building and they were holding a shiny gold trophy.

Before I even had a chance to make this cake the NCAA athletes had already left for the National meet in Idaho. I woke up sleepily on Sunday morning to find the Men’s team had succeeded in winning back-to-back-to-back championships becoming the first team in UF history to ever accomplish a 3-peat. I felt a mix of stress and happiness for making an extra cake, but knew I had honor my promise of one cake per championship so I spent the following 11 hours prepping, baking, and decorating both of these cakes. For the men’s cake, I went with a “3” theme as a homage to their incredible effort three years in a row. Not pictured is a sparkler shaped like the number three that I stuck in the top!

After posting these pictures online and seeing how happy the cakes made all my teammates, every second of stress on Sunday was worth it. There is no better way to improve my cake decorating skills than to create cakes for a team that I love and show my support in this way for their well deserved performance.

Go Gators!


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