AE-PIE Bake Off

15 Mar

Every year I stealthily infiltrate the Greek system at UF and participate in AEPI’s Bakeoff to benefit Crohn’s & Colitis. I know a few people personally affected by Crohn’s so I like that I get to donate to this cause. More so, I like to have excuses to make and decorate cake.

Last year, we won the category of  Best Taste with a chocolate-peanut-butter-banana-chocolate-frosting cake. It was delicious and well deserved but this year we wanted to go bigger and go tastier.

Team Becca Bakes!! (Christina, Sam, Me, Hannah (3-year veteran teammate!), Halie)

The competition fell appropriately on Pi Day (3.14) so I knew I had to incorporate pie in some way. I decided to make the entire cake a pie and have the “fruit” be chocolate M&Ms. Since we were defending Best Taste, I wanted to go with a flavor that everyone would go crazy for – Nutella.

Nutella is the great equalizer of all races, classes, genders, and ethnicity. If you don’t like Nutella – you’re either allergic to nuts or doing it wrong. There is something about the silky chocolate hazelnut spread that melts in your mouth and denies you from stopping at just one spoonful. Being near a full jar of Nutella can be dangerous no matter how much the commercials tout its “great nutritional qualities” (keep telling yourself its good for you because it’s made with skim milk and nuts)

The cake for the competition was a moist Devil’s food cake. Between the two layers was a thick spread of Nutella cream cheese frosting that was then covered in crushed Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The entire cake was then covered in Nutella butter-cream frosting and decorated with M&Ms and fondant. Oh yes, this cake was in it to win it.

As soon as the judges cut their piece, vultures in frat tanks, aprons, and Greek letters descended on our cake. The experts weren’t even finished tasting their last cake before ours was devoured. Spectators were still pecking crumbs off scraps of fondant by the time awards were being announced. And yes, our cake was the ONLY cake at the competition to be completely and totally destroyed. However, when the award for best taste came around, Becca Bakes was not called. The cake that won was a delicious red velvet cake from the sorority, Sigma Kappa. But that was all it was, standard red velvet, and most of it went uneaten. If you ask me, the proof is in the cake. When all I’m taking home is an empty cake board, it’s safe to say I’m satisfied with the way it tasted.We’ll be back next year to reclaim the throne!!


One Response to “AE-PIE Bake Off”

  1. Christina Frost March 15, 2012 at 6:53 PM #

    Super excited to have been a part of team Becca Bakes again! Next year those frat boys won’t know what hit them!

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