Marley’s Birthday Cupcakes!

28 Feb

This past weekend I had the pleasure of baking some yummy cupcakes for an adorable 9 year old girl named Marley. She wanted to keep it simple with vanilla cake and chocolate butter-cream frosting, but there’s a reason this tasty combination is classic. I dressed up the cupcakes with some colorful wrappers, rainbow sprinkles, and cut out fondant letters spelling “Happy Birthday Marley!”.

What you may not know about Marley is she has an awesome dad who happens to be in the band Sister Hazel!  You might know them for their 90’s jam “All For You” which  is definitely on my “Party Like it’s 1990” playlist and something I belt in the car when I think no one is watching me. I’m so happy Ken trusted his daughter’s birthday celebration cupcakes to me without ever having met me and only hearing about my blog through a friend. He also sent me a great picture of him, Marley, and the cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Marley!




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