HOW-TO: Cut-Out Cupcakes

16 Feb

Step 1: Bake cupcakes (any recipe)
fill the tins up with batter higher than normal so they dome over the top
Step 2: When cool, cut tops of cupcakes off using a serrated knife.
Set tops aside.
Step 3: Using a small cookie cutter, cut shape out of the center of cupcake top
Step 4: Dust cupcake tops with powdered sugar; this is easiest using a sifter
Step 5: Place a large dollop of frosting on cupcake bottom (any variety)
Step 6: Return  top to cupcake bottom and press down gently so frosting comes through the cut-out
Step 7: Marvel at how pretty your cupcakes are and pat yourself on the back because it was so easy.
Step 8:  Eat cupcakes.
Step 9: Contemplate eating all the cupcakes yourself…
Step 10: No regrets.


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