Peanut Butter Pie For Mikey (and Ben)

6 Nov

Not too long ago I was doing my typical scrolling through when I noticed something was different. Every single recipe on the page was for the same thing. Tastespotting recipes always move fluidly with the seasons so on a normal day in October I’m likely to see a ton of pumpkin recipes, in December a slew of peppermint recipes and in June there are berry recipes galore. However, I have never in all my lurking seen the page filled with the exact same item. The 2×2 square preview boxes all held different variations of Peanut Butter Pie. The caption under each box said the same thing too “for Mikey.” I thought to myself, who is this Mikey and what merited this public peanut buttery tribute to him from food bloggers across the country and even the world.

It didn’t take me long to discover the source was a blog called In Jennie’s Kitchen. In a touching story, Jennifer Perillo recounts how her husband, Mikey, had suffered a sudden heart attack and passed away leaving  behind Jennie and their two daughters.  On her blog post, Jennie asks that everyone make a peanut butter pie (his favorite) for someone they love in honor of Mikey because you never know what can happen.

I’m so thankful every day for my incredible and loving family, for all my amazing  and supportive friends, and for how lucky I am to live with two of my best friends. This pie is dedicated to Mikey. It’s only right that I made it for my roommate’s 20th birthday. Happy birthday Ben! Love ya buddy.

I used a variation of THIS recipe. All you have to do is search “peanut butter pie” in Tastespoting and get 10 million other options. They’re all delicious! I loved the frozen solid layer of chocolate in between the Nutter-Butter crust and peanut butter cream cheese filling in my variation. Shout out to leftover Halloween candy for providing the garnish.


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