Occu-pie Gainesville

24 Oct

from Chomp & Chew online blog via The Independent Florida Alligator

Occu-pie Gainesville

If you’ve been anywhere near Bo Diddley Community Plaza in downtown Gainesville recently, you might have noticed that protestors have made the open area their temporary home. Occupy Gainesville, in conjunction with Occupy Wall Street in New York City, began on Oct. 12 and is still in effect.

Support or scorn for the protest is debatable, but hungry stomachs across the country can agree that it is easier and much tastier to occu-pie rather than occupy.

These recipes come from this month’s edition of Food Network Magazine, which features fifty incredible and mouthwatering pies. So, share this wealth of recipes if you are part of the 99% of people that enjoy pie.

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Sweet potato marshmallow

Creamy, baked sweet potatoes covered in oven-kissed gooey marshmallows rank first on my list of favorite autumn dishes. This recipe creatively transforms a savory side to a sweet pie. I could make it in March, but it would somehow feel like betraying the fall season on a personal level. This pie would make a delightful finish to any Thanksgiving meal.

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Butterscotch pecan pie

Love is the secret ingredient that makes southern pie recipes so sinfully wonderful. Except for Paula Deen, whose secret is always “more butter.” This upgraded butterscotch-infused version of classic pecan is best warm out of the oven. You’ll find yourself fervently scraping the plate to capture the thick, sugary pecan filling that oozes out the sides. For the full experience, serve “a la mode” with a scoop of butter-pecan ice cream.

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Apple Crumble Pie

Nothing is more American than apple pie (I’m looking at you baseball, McDonald’s and Superman). By adding an oatmeal crumble, the already well-loved, classic apple pie effectively becomes a delicious cross between pie and crisp. This is America and we live in a nation where pies are not judged by the color of their crust, but by the content of their flavor.


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