Challah Bread – Two Ways!

22 Aug

One of these things is not like the other…HA. Okay, so obviously the cinnamon raisin challah was a bit of a fail in the braiding department. I have a plan for a different technique next time I make it so all might not be lost. The traditional style challah bread, on the right with sesame seeds, came out pretty impressive if I do say so. I think I’ve mastered the quadruple braid! The cinnamon raisin bread was absolutely delicious though. It was kind of like a Cinnabon but without all the corn syrup and drippy mess. The cinnamon/brown sugar mixture swirling through the center of the bread was really awesome to see. For an added touch I put some turbinado sugar over the egg wash. As a complement, I made some honey butter to go along with these loafs made with just a touch of hazelnut flavored agave! The recipe for the Traditional loaf was from Smitten Kitchen and the Cinnamon Raisin Loaf was my own variation of that recipe


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