My First Attempt @ Bread – Challah!

28 Jul

I’ve been wanting to do bread for a very long time now. Something about using yeast always scared me. I did a bunch of research and recipe searching and kind of learned about how it works. Turns out bread is actually really simple. It only requires a few ingredients for basic bread and can be much more fulfilling to make yourself instead of purchasing. The only downside is it is pretty time consuming. Unlike baking sweets where 90% of the time when the batter is complete it is poured into a pan, bread needs to rise; often multiple times, before it can be put into an oven which could take hours or sometimes over night.

Today I helped make challah dough for a UF Hillel event. I couldn’t actually participate in the bread making so I took a chunk of the dough home and finished up by myself. We used the challah recipe from Smitten Kitchen and it worked great. The recipe called for sugar which is the alternative to using honey. I would like to try a recipe using honey and see which I like more. The bread did have great flavor though, and the texture was fantastic. It had a harder crust on the outside and a soft and fluffy inner center. Writing that sentence made me mentally recall how growing up I only ever wanted the the soft center of the challah and would basically hallow it out on Shabbat heh >:] When making this challah, I did a quadruple braid method (thanks youtube!) and it was much easier than I thought it was going to be and came out really cool.  I also threw some seseame seeds on top which was a nice finishing touch.  I would probably like to try a cinnamon raisin version of challah as well. Actually I just want to make more bread in general and feel like a whole new yeasted world just opened up to me! Here are some pictures:


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