Special shout out post to UF Hillel!

14 Jul

Without UF Hillel none of what I’m doing here would be possible. I went to Israel earlier this summer and had one of the best times of my life. I wasn’t even really supposed to be on the trip and kind of had to beg my way on (thanks Josh). But, I’m so happy I went because I met some amazing people and saw what a wonderful country Israel is. One of the great people I had the pleasure of getting to know was my trip leader, Jeff! He is the one that suggested my use of the UF Hillel kitchens so I could become certified. Without him, I wouldn’t be the legitimate business that Becca Bakes is slowly becoming (I have invoices now, so weird!) With the support of him and all of Hillel I am able to grow and do all kinds of new things. This post is a big THANK YOU to Jeff and all of Hillel. You rule!

Jeff & I in the kitchen!

 If you are a jew in Gainesville you should definitely come out to one of their many events
Here is their Facebook page; it should keep you up to date with everything you need to know!


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