Summertime Potluck!

3 Jul

Have I mentioned that I have the best friends in the world? Because I do. I know that everyone thinks they do but no. I really do. My roommate, Sarah, and I decided to host our last “thing” in our apartment before we move out into our new house. We thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the season of summer which in Florida really means the season where you sweat slightly more than the rest of the year. We broke out our Margaritaville Machine (yes. I have a legit margarita maker machine, thanks dad/dad’s home appliance company), we made some awesome treats and we left it up to our friends to contribute food to our gathering. Not surprisingly (since my friends are the best) NO ONE store purchased any of the food. All home made. All delicious! Here are some pictures from our summertime happy hour potluck go America party.

Enjoying all the food! (so much food.)

Bean Dip and Chips - Alex Witt

Chicken Salad (Made with Greek Yogurt & Dill) - Miko

Guac & Chips - Sarah

Guac & Chips - Sarah

Arugala on Mini Goat Cheese and Fontina Pizzas - Sarah


Potato Citrus Salad - Monica


Chicken Parm - Matt


Panko Encrusted Mussels - Cory


Peanut Butter Cup Cookies - Tatum


Apple Spice Cake - Charles

p.s. so full. drifted in and out of food coma all night long.



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