Food Find: Gville Sweets

26 Jun

“…First sweet shop in Gainesville, Florida. Established in Feb., 2011, it began with handmade salted caramels. The chewy caramels are accented with sea salt. The salt selected is pacific ocean salt in a medium sized uniform granule. The flavor is mild and compliments the soft caramel very well. Currently offering various flavors of salted caramels with more flavors to follow soon…”

Gville Sweets is a small business just starting out in locally in Gainesville, Florida. I met the creator, Mustafa, a while back at Sarkara (the cupcakery I used to work at) because he was using their certified kitchen to make his caramels. Ever since then, I’ve stopped by to say hello to him at the Downtown Gainesville Farmer’s Market whenever I went to it. He is a big supporter of eating locally and helping other small businesses grow. He is currently hoping to get his caramels into local grocery stores which would be super awesome!! If you go by the Farmer’s Market please support him and buy his delicious caramels or homemade Chai Tea. We both decided when selling at Haile Village Farmer’s Market this past weekend that the interaction between shopper and seller is what makes the local connection so special :’)

Flavors Include: Classic, Espresso, Cardamon+Pistachio, Ginger+Honey, Chocolate – $0.50ea

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