Farmer’s Market #2! (6/24)

26 Jun

The 2nd Farmer’s Market at Thornebrook had it’s ups and downs. On the plus side, I sold out of another treat (The Local Special Granola Bars), I met a lot of great new people, and I learned a bunch more about what types of products sell to this demographic. On the downside, these past two weeks have probably been the slowest of the whole summer (break between summer A and B), I didn’t meet my profit goal, and it rained an hour before the end of the market and although I was covered, most vendors left and the market died out early :(

HOWEVER, my fellow farmer’s market vendor and friend Mustafa came to visit me at my table and we got to chatting and he graciously offered to let me share his booth at the Haile Village Farmer’s Market the following day. Haile was much different and more established than Thornebrook. It was fun though! I again met more people, learned some tips from Mustafa, met my profit goal, and even got a delicious breakfast at Sisters afterward. Here are some pictures!!

Table Buds at Haile Market!


My little set up



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