Food Find: Max Brenner

27 May

A while ago (December 19th to be exact) I did a post about the restaurant Max Brenner and how badly I wanted to go there. Well, since I created that post I’ve basically been counting down the days until I could visit it. Recently, I finally got my opportunity in Israel! While all the rest of my birthright group went to a bar, only a couple friends and I went to Max Brenner. We ended up going to the Tel Aviv location which is located on a port; it was a beautiful area. The set up of the the place was a dream and it is really obvious why they call the place “a modern version of Willy Wonka”. Chocolate fountains, truffle dispensers, and chocolate bars the size of a small was incredible.

A couple of my friends ordered chocolate cocktails which were very interesting! My favorite part was the use of gummy bear “olive” garnishes. For the table we ordered Chocolate Pizza (covered in banana and nougat of course!) and this brownie concoction that came in a jar and could be dressed up with chocolate sauce and crispy chocolate balls if desired (it was desired.) Everything was so decadent and well-put together. The chocolate pizza was hands down the best pizza i’ve ever had in my life…and I’ve had a lot of pizza in my life..

If you can visit a location in Philly, Vegas, or New York..DO IT. There is no possible way you will ever regret it. Here are some pictures!

[Chocolate Martini]

[Chocolate Pizza]

[Max’s Milky Brownies]

[Chocolate Pizza..the lighting was really bad sorry..]

[In chocolate heaven brb..]


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