Waffle Wednesday!!!

27 Jan

The best Wednesday of the month is Waffle Wednesday of course!! My dad, who works for corporate of a home appliance company, hooked my roommate and I up with a sweet Belgian waffle maker. I had used it a few times but I thought this would be a great excuse to get some friends together and have some scrumptious breakfast for dinner :) Everyone had a great time and the waffles came out awesome!

Buttermilk waffle with blueberries, chocolate syrup, and homemade whipped cream!

create-your-own waffletastic set up of goodies. Toppings and Mix-ins included: strawberries, blueberries, bananas, bacon, walnuts, sliced almonds, dried cranberries, granola, marshmallows, powered sugar, brown sugar, honey, sprinkles, cinnamon, nutmeg, homemade whipped cream, butter, two kinds of syrup, pumpkin puree, mini chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. Guests could chose from three bases: classic buttermilk, chocolate, and whole wheat.

One guest enjoying their custom waffle :)

The maker in action! I love the way the smoke looks in this picture!

Ravika and Monica!

My roommate, Sarah enjoying a blueberry, banana waffle with sliced almonds!



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