Holiday Cake Truffles

16 Dec

I visited my friend in Tallahassee and she made these as a treat for my stay except they were a bit different. We also make them at the bakery I work at so I thought I would finally get around to trying them out. The occasion: Every Sunday a small group of us get together and enjoy a meal one of us cooks which rotates every week. It is cleverly named Sunday Night Dinner. The last one of the semester is always a potluck and I was of course, quick to claim dessert. So viola! – Cake Truffles!

Cake Balls

Holiday Cake Truffles

-Bake a cake in a 9×13 pan using this recipe: number-one-go-to-cant-go-wrong-with-food-network-Devils-food-cake-recipe

-Mush the cake into crumbs and let it cool in the fridge

-Mix in 3/4 container (or however much to your liking) of vanilla frosting (devils food + vanilla icing is my favorite combo, friends take note!)

-Roll the mixture into small teaspoon sized balls and placed them on a cookie sheet then put them in the freezer

-Melt down a bag of Wilton Candy Melts (whatever flavor you want, I picked red because it’s festive!)

-Roll each frozen truffle around in the chocolate then scoop the ball out of the bowl with a fork. Gently tap the fork on the side of the bowl and let excess chocolate drip down and also give cake truffle an even coating of chocolate.

-Replace truffle to the cookie sheet and QUICKLY (chocolate will harden fast) decorate with your favorite sprinkle. Replace cookie sheet back in freezer until ready to be served — trust me they’re better cold!

Note: These are amazing, customizable, and good for any occasion

Not enough chocolate left to completely dip at the end? Just drizzle!



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